Construction chemicals
– indispensable for a 'climate-neutral construction sector'

With the Green Deal, the European Commission aims to make the EU climate neutral by 2050. As early as 2030, COemissions are to be reduced by at least 55% compared to 1990. The construction sector is particularly important on the path to climate neutrality. The sector has to become more efficient, more resource-friendly and thus more sustainable.

Construction chemicals are an indispensable key to achieving this.

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Construction chemicals
– small quantities, huge effect

There is a wealth of possible uses for construction chemical products. For example, they can reduce the CO2 content of concrete or optimise concrete in such a way that less of it is needed. Construction chemicals can change the properties of materials so that these can be processed faster or under difficult conditions. Also, construction chemicals help to rehabilitate existing buildings and make new buildings more durable.

In this way, construction chemicals can have a huge effect with small quantities and significantly increase resource efficiency in the construction sector. This often goes unnoticed and “behind the scenes” - in the foundations, behind the facade or in a coating.


Construction chemicals
– a toolbox of solutions

The industry's diverse product range includes:

  • Waterproofing for basements, interiors, terraces, (swimming) pools, roofs, bridges and car parks
  • Mortar systems, e.g. tile adhesives, grouts, grouting mortars
  • Construction sealants
  • Admixtures for improving concrete properties
  • Construction products for rehabilitation, maintenance and historic monument conservation
  • Protective systems for sustainable construction with wood


Construction chemicals – the key to achieving the Green Deal goals

Already now, these products are making major contributions to achieving the goals of the Green Deal. They are constantly being further developed to utilise their innovation potential even better.

On this page we present some examples of solutions and highlight the contributions of construction chemical products to COcuts and enhanced sustainability.

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