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Deutsche Bauchemie has been the top association of the manufacturers of construction-chemical products for more than 71 years. It forms a national and European-level interface between its member companies and political bodies, authorities, construction industry stakeholders, standardisation bodies and research and teaching facilities.

Deutsche Bauchemie is an association of more than 130 member companies. With an annual turnover of about 8.5 billion euros, these companies constitute half of the European market  and about one quarter of the global market volume.

The range of member companies of Deutsche Bauchemie reaches from small and medium-sized speciality suppliers to global players operating worldwide. 

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Model CE markings and declarations of performance for construction chemical products

The new European Construction Products Regulation (EU) No 305/2011 formally entered into force on 24 April 2011, with the articles of particular significance to construction products manufacturers becoming effective on 1 July 2013. The EC Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC is fully repealed as of the latter date.

With the deadline 1 July 2013 the manufacturers of harmonised construction products need to adapt the CE marking of their products to the amended requirements of the Construction Products Regulation (CPR): instead of the existing declarations of conformity, the new declarations of performance need to be provided. Wishing to support the member companies in this task and to ensure a uniform implementation of the various harmonised standards, Deutsche Bauchemie has elaborated models for the new CE marking and the declaration of performance under the CPR - referring to the individual European standards relevant to construction chemistry and taking into account the present state of the discussion about CPR implementation.

Further information on the Construction Products Regulation is given in the publication by Deutsche Bauchemie: "The New European Construction Products Regulation - an Implementation Aid for Deutsche Bauchemie's Member Companies"


To the Model CE markings and declarations of Performance... (in German  )

Model Environmental Product Declarations (Model EPDs) for construction chemical products

As part of the trend towards sustainable building, the demand for Environmental Product Declarations for construction chemical products is on the increase too. Deutsche Bauchemie wants to make it easier for member companies to meet the rising demand for EPDs at justifiable cost and effort. For this reason, Deutsche Bauchemie developed model EPDs for the relevant product types. These activities were carried out together with external partners; they were followed by a verification of the model EPDs by the Institute Construction and Environment (IBU). Model EPDs are now available at the below link, grouped by product types and technical applications. Throughout the year 2013, the finalised model EPDs for the following product types are being published successively on this internet page:

  • Epoxy resin products
  • Polyurethane resin products
  • Modified mineral mortar
  • Plastics-modified bitumen thick coatings
  • MMA resin products
  • Concrete additives
  • Dispersion products
  • Construction sealants (silicone- and polysulfide-based)

(The following web page is only in German language available)

To the model EPDs  

Information on Construction Chemicals - Use for the REACH registration

A central element of the REACH regulation is the registration of substances. In the registration process, substances are not only registered with their properties but also with the so-called "identified uses".

After registration, substances can only be used if the intended use is part of the registration. Within Deutsche Bauchemie, the standard uses of construction chemicals are categorised and described with the so-called "Use Descriptor Systems" of the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Using this information, the substance manufacturers can perform an exposure estimation with the "ECETOC Targeted Risk Assessment" IT tool.

The categorised usage information for the construction chemical industry is presented in a standardised form - the so-called use reports (UseR). Full information is available on a separate website via the following link:

To the REACH Use Reports (UseR)

NEXT STEP! - an Online Information Portal

To offer a compact and informative overview on the subject of "construction chemistry in teaching, research and practice, Deutsche Bauchemie set up the online information portal NEXT STEP! It offers extensive, structured and comprehensible orientation on construction-chemical activities in universities and colleges, on research subjects and on the construction-chemical industry and practice.

To the NextStep Portal

Extranet of Deutsche Bauchemie (only for committee members)

The Extranet of Deutsche Bauchemie provides all documents of committees, such as invitations, reports, etc. electronically. Please observe: Access is only possible for committee members and only in German language available!

To the Extranet  

Qualitätsgemeinschaft Deutsche Bauchemie - QDB

The QDB is an accredited European notified certification body (Notified Body 0921) and also a recognized surveillance and certification body pursuant to the Hessische Bauordnung (ÜG069).

The main area of activity is surveillance and certification of production plants and products or systems in the field of concrete admixtures (EN 934) and products for the protection and repair of concrete structures (EN 1504).

(The following web page is only in German language available)

To the QDB Homepage  


Deutsche Bauchemie publishes "Harmonised Submission of Information to Poison Centres According to Annex VIII to the CLP Regulation"
[to the publication]


Position Paper on "Revising the Construction Products Regulation (CPR)?"
November 2017

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