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Deutsche Bauchemie e.V.

Associations and Organizations

"Deutsche Bauchemie e.V." has now been the top association among the manufacturers of construction-chemical products for 65 years. It forms a national and European-level interface between its member companies and politics, authorities, construction industry, standardization institutes and research and teaching.

Deutsche Bauchemie e.V. is an organization made up of about 125 companies.

Deutsche Bauchemie advises and supports its member companies on all issues in their fields of activity, as laid down by the industry.

Its main tasks and goals are:

  • Representation of interests at a national, European and international level
  • Provision of information to political institutions, authorities and the media
  • Involvement in drafting rules concerning the environment, health, hygiene, technology and quality
  • Preparation of guidelines, codes of practice, information pamphlets and state-of-the-art reports as a source of information for architects, engineers, the construction products trade, contractors as well as building owners and investors
  • Support in basic and advanced education through the information system NEXT STEP!, special events, preparation of new seminars and teaching materials
  • Promoting the guidelines of the German's Responsible Care program
  • Informing member companies about the latest regulations and rules as well as advising them on implementation
  • Promotion of young scientists

The Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh) is the largest chemical society in continental Europe with members from academe, education, industry and other areas. The GDCh supports chemistry in teaching, research and application and promotes the understanding of chemistry in the public.