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Construction Chemistry in Education

Construction chemistry is interdisciplinary between the classical subjects of civil engineering and chemistry. This is why topics of building chemistry are an important part of university and college degree programs such as "civil engineering" and "architecture"; they are further dealt with in "preservation of construction monuments"/"restoration" and are also an aspect of "mineralogy". Since construction chemistry has been established as an own branch of study for about 20 years now, a number of chairs and institutes offer education with a focus on this topic.

After graduating from university a doctoral thesis in the field of construction chemistry may be started. Such PhD subjects are usually practically oriented; this is why companies generally have a great interest in them.

Advanced vocational training in subjects related to construction chemistry, e.g. for civil engineers, is available at a number of academies, training institutions or through various series of training programs.

Companies have a high demand for construction chemical knowledge; chemistry of building materials has become indispensable in today's construction industry.

There are many ways for a successful career with construction chemistry!