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Construction Chemistry in Practice

Construction without chemistry is unthinkable!

Anybody dealing with new construction, protection, damage or restoration of buildings needs to take into account aspects of construction chemistry. Neglecting them will never yield an ideal result.

Construction and long-term use of modern infrastructure buildings is impossible without construction chemistry. To name just one example, construction chemistry products help to selectively speed up or delay the curing of concrete. Properties of buildings like their mechanical strength and rigidity are improved by chemical additives. Surface protection systems make them more durable. And interior fittings literally relies on hundreds of construction chemistry products – from tiles adhesives to sealing compounds.

Construction without the Swiss Gotthard Base Tunnel, one of the longest railway tunnels in the world. During its construction concrete had to fulfill contradictory requirements: on the one hand it had to remain liquid during its long transport into the mountain over many kilometers. On the other hand it needed to cure within seconds when sprayed onto the tunnel wall. Such tasks can be achieved using concrete additives like plasticizers and shotcrete accelerators.

Even though there are many construction chemical products on the market development still continues. Concrete is becoming more and more a high-tech product. New and high-performance organic additives are constantly being developed. Ultra high-strength concrete is just one example; minimization of water demand along with maximized packaging density allow for compressive strengths equivalent to those of steel. Constructions made out of such concrete can save building material without sacrificing strength; they can be significantly more filigree, light-weight and durable. The list of PhD thesis topics provides a good overview of the latest developments and approaches in construction chemistry.

Accordingly, the list of industry and service companies with a vivid interest in know-how and latest findings related to construction chemistry is long. An overview can be obtained by looking at the respective trade associations and organizations.

In Germany there are more companies dealing with construction chemistry than in any other country - this is why Germany plays a leading role in construction chemical innovation and experience! The "Deutsche Bauchemie" membership register provides you with an overview of German companies dealing with respective topics. The publications section presents a comprehensive collection of papers dealing with practical applications of construction chemistry products.

If you can offer know-how in construction chemistry - be it now or in the near future - you can expect an interesting career in one of the many companies in construction industry!

Construction and Chemistry

Construction without chemistry is impossible!

The better the understanding of chemical processes, the more selectively they can be influenced and the better and more sustainable the constructional result will be.