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Welcome to NEXT STEP!

Whether it is fantastic structures like "Burj Khalifa" – currently the world's tallest building – or our domestic motorway network: Modern structural engineering is impossible without construction chemistry! Thanks to construction chemistry, building materials can be handled even under the toughest of conditions and permanently withstand the highest of loads.

Today both construction engineers and architects cannot live without chemistry. In order to plan and build houses, streets, bridges and tunnels, and to protect them from early corrosion and destruction, the building materials utilized need to be optimized using the construction chemist's "bag of tricks". This is why universities, scientific institutes and industry work intensively on the multifaceted and highly interesting topics of construction chemistry.

To provide you with a compact and informative overview the "Deutsche Bauchemie" (German construction chemistry association) has created the online portal NEXT STEP! It is directed to

  • Pupils/prospective students
  • Students of civil engineering/architecture
  • PhD students with a focus on construction chemistry
  • Graduates willing to pursue a career in construction chemical industry
  • Employed persons wanting to participate in advanced construction chemistry training
  • anybody else interested in these topics

NEXT STEP! provides you with a comprehensive, understandable and clear compilation of activities related to construction chemistry, both at universities and colleges. It also informs about research topics as well as building chemistry in industry and practice.

Editorial deadline of the information presented on these pages is 30st April 2014.

Updates are planned once every year. Any suggestions for improvement or additional information are always welcome; please feel free to leave us a note via our contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

An initiative of

In this online portal the "Deutsche Bauchemie" (German construction chemistry association) provides you with information on construction chemistry in education, research and practice.

We look forward to any comments and criticism you may have.