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Your way into science: doing your PhD

As a doctoral student you do your own research project over a period of three to five years, under the guidance of a professor who is holding a chair at a German university. The results are published in the form of a doctoral thesis. Getting the degree of a PHD is evidence of the doctoral student's ability to work scientifically on his own.

In some professions holding a PhD is of great importance with regard to one's career, but often it is just interest in research or in particular subjects that motivates students to get their PhD.

Doing a doctoral thesis means dealing intensively with a particular subject and gives evidence of

  • professional skill
  • the ability to solve problems
  • the ability to work on one's own and act in a methodical and structured way.

Doctoral dissertations in Construction Chemistry

Various universities and research institutions offer the opportunity to do doctoral research and dissertations on construction chemical subjects as it is also shown in the list PhD Subjects.

Doctoral dissertation can also be written in cooperation with companies. The Prizes and Awards bestowed upon excellent dissertations and diploma theses in the field of construction chemistry show the high interest taken in this research work.

Further informations

Doctoral seminars

At regular intervals doctoral students with from all parts of germany come together to excange experiences.