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Press statement

NEXT STEP - for a wider range of information

Deutsche Bauchemie – the German construction chemistry association – has created and is operating the advanced training and education platform NEXT STEP (www.deutsche-bauchemie.de/nextstep), providing both newcomers and established experts with more content and news from the industry.

One core element of the portal consists of topical information on choices and opportunities for studies and doctorates in the field of construction chemistry. Once again, a comprehensive survey among all German universities and colleges was held to find out about their available programmes and courses. At present, the relevant list names 18 universities and 19 colleges. This exercise – which includes, inter alia, the regular checking and updating of contact data etc – increasingly involves the promotion of international cooperation and networking between scientific institutions. With this approach, NEXT STEP is attuned to modern times and looks beyond national borders: by driving forward the incorporation of international institutes with a focus on "construction chemistry" in the picture given in the portal.
Another new feature is the English-language version of the website with essential information and offers for interested persons from abroad (www.deutsche-bauchemie.com/nextstep).
Also Professor Dr.-Ing. habil. Thomas Böllinghaus (vice-president of the Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing / BAM) has a focus on international projects. In his report for the column "Voices from the construction chemistry industry" (in German language) he examines, inter alia, the self-cooling of concrete pavers in great heat in cities - pointing to the ongoing international SeCCoPA project which is dedicated to this issue.
Furthermore, NEXT STEP informs about new technical literature and upcoming events.
Norbert Schröter, director-general of Deutsche Bauchemie, gives some more explanations on the general goals and target groups of the information portal:
"NEXT STEP is a first orientation for high-school leavers and prospective students for their study decisions. At university and college level, construction chemistry is highlighted as an ever more attractive optional module for students of architecture and civil engineering. For graduates and PhD students the platform wants to provide ideas and suggestions for a doctorate in this subject. And last but not least, employed persons find valuable information about possibilities for advanced training and education and about additional qualifications in construction chemistry and related fields."
In 2015 the platform will be extended by the section "Prize and award winners". Currently, the Deutsche Bauchemie competition is running for the science medal "Wissenschafts-Medaille" (for dissertations) and the advancement award "Förderpreis" (for diploma theses). The winners will be honoured at next year’s annual convention of Deutsche Bauchemie in June 2015 in Baden-Baden.
For more details visit http://www.deutsche-bauchemie.de/wissenschaftsmedaille/

The industry association Deutsche Bauchemie represents the entire construction chemistry sector in Germany. The spectrum of the 126 member companies ranges from small and medium-sized, special operations all the way to groups of affiliated companies active all over the world. With annual sales of around 7.6 billion euros, these companies generate half of the European market volume and approximately one-fourth of the world market. Under the German umbrella organisation Verband der Chemischen Industrie (VCI), Deutsche Bauchemie represents the interests of its member companies vis-à-vis the expert public, politicians, national and international authorities and institutions.

Your reference person

Dipl.-Ing. Norbert Schroeter
General Manager

Phone: +49 69 / 25 56 - 1390
eMail: norbert.schroeter@vci.de