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Die neue europ�ische Bauproduktenverordnung



QDB e.V.

Description of the publication

Surveillance and certification of construction chemicals

Article-No.: 264-QD-E-2019  

Brochure | 21. Edition, May 2019 / Qualitätsgemeinschaft Deutsche Bauchemie e. V.


Testing, surveillance and certification are of great importance to companies producing construction chemicals, given the high quality standards and existing construction laws that regulate their products. Numerous activities at European level show that these products are a focus of regulation.

Against this backdrop, Europe-wide operating companies of the German construction chemicals industry decided to assume own responsibility: in November 1998 they set up the Qualitätsgemeinschaft Deutsche Bauchemie e. V. (QDB).

In over 15 years, QDB has developed into the prominent surveillance and certification body for major sectors of construction chemicals. QDB is an accredited certification body (D-ZE-17527-01-00) since April 2013 and an European notified body under the Construction Products Regulation since May 2013.

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