PCE Based Super Plasticizers for the Construction of Industrial Flooring

Article-No.: 145-SD-E-2011

Technical Publication | 1st Edition, April 2011

Industrial fl ooring made of concrete is an integral part of industrial construction. Since these fl oors must withstand heavy mechanical loads over the long term, the concrete used must have especially high performance properties to meet to these high requirements.

In the last years there have been many reports on damage found on industrial floors that was traced to errors during the production of these construction elements. In some cases, the cause of damage was attributed to the use of PCE based super plasticizers when producing the concrete. As a consequence, these products were expressly excluded from being used for the construction of industrial fl ooring in some tenders.

However, in the past years PCE based super plasticizers have proved to be reliable products in practically all areas of concrete construction and they are also highly suitable for use when constructing industrial flooring.

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