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Die neue europ�ische Bauproduktenverordnung



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Description of the publication

REACH-Information for Customers in the Construction Chemicals Industry

Article-No.: 124-IS-E-2009  

Information script | 1. Edition, June 2009


Many companies do not realise what tasks and responsibilities they will be confronted with under REACH which leads to uncertainty and open questions. This information brochure is intended to bring clarity and is primarily directed toward industrial users and distributors of chemical products for the construction industry as well as specifiers and architects.

This brochure gives a rough overview with the intention of making it easier for you to become acquainted with the new law on chemicals. Its brief form precludes any claim to cover all aspects in their full scope but you will also find references to more comprehensive information in Chapter 6.



  1. Forword
  2. What is REACH?
  3. Who is affected by REACH?
  4. How does the flow of information function under REACH?
  5. What are the resulting tasks and responsibilities?
  6. Where can I find further information?
  7. Glossary

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