Our Tasks & Aims

Deutsche Bauchemie represents the interests of manufacturers of construction chemical products based in Germany. The association supports its member companies in all matters of competence as defined by the industry’s framework. To keep pace with new developments, Deutsche Bauchemie operates within a close-knit network of German and European contacts. Relevant topics are discussed with designated experts from member companies in ca. 40 association committees, and association positions are prepared jointly. Common positions are contributed to ongoing discussion and regulatory processes through the extensive contacts of Deutsche Bauchemie.

The activities of Deutsche Bauchemie pursue the goal that member companies in Germany can manufacture and market their products in an attractive business environment. Sustainable and resource-conserving production as well as environmentally friendly products that are safe in terms of health are promoted and constantly further developed. The technical performance of construction chemical products, which are themselves a key technology in the construction sector, is an essential prerequisite and constitutes the goal in technical standardisation and technical regulation.

The main tasks and goals of Deutsche Bauchemie include:

  • Representation of interests at national, European and international levels.
  • Representation of the German construction chemicals industry vis-à-vis ministries, public authorities, European institutions, the media, in national and European standardisation and inside the industry itself.
  • Active involvement in the shaping of European and German laws and regulations governing construction products, chemicals, health and environment, and technical requirements.
  • Information for member companies about existing legal provisions and rules, as well as advice for their implementation.
  • Elaboration of guidelines, leaflets, information brochures and progress reports as sources of information for association members, architects, engineers, the construction materials trade, the construction industry and the building sector and also for constructors and investors.
  • Support in vocational and advanced training at specialist events, development of concepts for new training courses and teaching materials.
  • Encouragement of new generations of scientists.